About Us

Developed in the fall of  2021 and the first place winner of the Encode's Algorand Hackathon, Goracle is the first dynamic, decentralized oracle network built on the Algorand Blockchain.

Our Purpose

Goracle’s purpose is to provide simple oracle solutions which assist dApps built on Algorand to access off-chain data securely, accurately and quickly.

There is a large number of exciting applications that can be built on blockchain, and a healthy network of oracles that is just as decentralized and transparent as the blockchain it is built on. Goracle believes in security by reducing complexity.”

Our Vision

Goracle plans to be the most trusted, secure, and simple up-to-date real-world data source by establishing decentralized participation that is guaranteed for all independent node operators and users looking to contribute to the network for economic stimulation.

Gorcle believes real-time data is extremely valuable and should be exchanged simply, truthfully, and swiftly.

Goracle is aiming to be one of the dominant open-source oracle networks on the blockchain in the decentralized data processing ecosystem.

Meet The Team

Goracle is led under the vision of founder Abdul Osman, a veteran in bringing technological products from ideation, to delivery, to scale. He and his team seamlessly connect in over twelve different time zones, and bring a wide range of global technical depth and perspective.

Goracle Team members consist of software & Blockchain developers, along with mathematicians that have been running in-depth simulations on what a decentralized economy would look like. The team’s diverse skills provide a unique perspective on helping solve the ‘Oracle Problem’.

Abdul Osman

CEO - Founder

Joseph Jones

CTO - Lead Algorand Developer

Ahmed Ali


George Njuguna

Senior Backend Developer

Halli Ali

Project Manager

Abdul Sallow

Project Manager/Scrum Master

NFT Designer

Meet Waspia! Wapia lives in Istanbul/Turkey. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Traditional Turkish Arts, Fine Arts Faculty, Marmara University. He has a proven track record in the fashion industry as a Professional Photo Retoucher. He is skilled in Photography, Digital Photography, Film Photography and is experienced in Adobe programs. Besides, he is a rising star graffiti and NFT artist, creator of the GameCock NFT on the Algorand blockchain.

View Waspia's designs and more on his Twitter Page