2i2i Partners with Algoracle on Algorand
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2i2i Partners with Algoracle on Algorand

Algorand's first peer-to-peer social dApp 2i2i to partner with Algoracle, Algorand's first decentralized oracle network to strengthen a decentralized model.

Zug, Switzerland, April 14th 2022 – 2i2i is a social dApp that allows users to earn coins by meeting with other users. 2i2i is built on the Algorand blockchain and is now partnering with Algoracle, Algorands first decentralized oracle network, to explore the possibility to help ensure a decentralized communications platform for users.

Algoracle has signed a partnership with 2i2i to provide computation abilities for Algorands first peer-to-peer social dApp. Algroacle will assist 2i2i with a node network with the goal of decentralizing the network.

“We love how many ways a decentralized oracle network can be used in the Algorand ecosystem,” says Algoracle’s CEO Abdul Osman. “2i2i is a perfect example of a creative use for computation abilities for the oracle layer. Imagine an incentivised social dApp that has all the benefits of a world-wide decentralized network!”

2i2i is a peer-to-peer social dApp built on the Algorand blockchain. 2i2i lets its users connect by allowing them to be a Host or a Guest . A Host will have the ability to create and manage a “room” where others (The Guests) will be able to watch the host or pay a small fee to meet with the Host face to face. 2i2i believes in safety and privacy for both Guests and Hosts. 2i2i also wishes to be completely decentralized. 1m1, the CEO and co-founder of 2i2i said this about it, “We want 2i2i to be totally decentralized. Community governed and owned, providing an income stream to anyone with internet access. Algoracle will hopefully provide the final piece of tech to allow full trustlessness.”

For more information about the Algoracle and 2i2i’s partnership please visit  about.2i2i.app or follow on Twitter @2i2i_app, and Algoracle.ai or follow on Twitter @Algoracle.

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