Partnership Announcement with UpsideFinance
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Partnership Announcement with UpsideFinance

Algoracle is proud to announce a Strategic Partnership with UpsideFinance on the Algorand Blockchain.

March 17th, 2022 - Zug, Switzerland  - Algoracle is proud to announce a strategic partnership with UpsideFinance to provide high-quality price pair data to the UpsideFinance platform.

Algoracle is the first decentralized oracle service on the Algorand blockchain. The Algoracle network is currently in testnet and is seeking to create strategic partnerships with decentralized applications (dApps) to bring off-chain data on-chain so that the dApps can diversify the functionality of their services.

“Algoracle is very excited to provide verifiable random numbers to Upside Finance’s no-loss lottery,” says Abdul Osman, CEO of Algoracle, “Algoracle is also excited to participate in Upside Finance’s no-loss lottery - we want to build up our community and we feel that making fun, interactive activities like this to our community can help to accomplish that goal.”

UpsideFinance is an open and accessible platform for launching and participating in lossless lotteries on the Algorand blockchain.

“Algoracle is one of Algorand’s most recognizable projects and we’re excited to work with them. Their oracle services will help us deliver transparent and reliable lossless lotteries” - Nishant, CEO of UpsideFinance.

The partnership between Algoracle and UpsideFinance is a step towards a more connected Algorand ecosystem with a more diverse ecosystem. We believe that this will also help accelerate the growth of both these projects.

For more information about the Algoracle and UpsideFinance partnership please visit or follow on Twitter @upsidefi_io and or follow on Twitter @Algoracle.

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