Everything You Should Know First

Goracle is an Oracle Network on the Algorand Blockchain

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This project aims to provide a price, weather, sports and other types of feeds to dapps created on the Algorand ecosystem.

How it works

Feed providers register to Nodes in the network. The Nodes then aggregate the information, insuring that it is accurate.

The Goracle Ecosystem Comprises Three Foundational Pillars

1. Feed Providers arrange the data that is sourced from any ideally secure and trusted sources of off-chains. The Feed Providers are the backbone of the Goracle system. Goracle makes it as effortless as possible for FPs to contribute to the system by easily connecting their API endpoints that respond to verified nodes with their values (Vs).

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2. Goracle Node Runners call the APIs provided by the feed providers. Utilizing the cryptographic sortition protocol, the cluster of nodes selects members of the node to propose, vote on and certify the next value(s) to be added to the Feed Smart Contract. Node runners have two options, to aggregate the data, or provide the raw values for the smart contracts reading the data to aggregate themselves.

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3. The Goracle Community can view real-time live updated feeds and report poor quality or malicious Feed Providers to get bounties. The community can also vote on previous reports, and once certain thresholds are met, individuals who voted and reported get paid “bounties” for correct reports, or they can lose their stake for incorrect reports.