Provide your own Feed

Become a  Provider

Set it up

Note: This page is under construction. Detailed instructions will be available before incentivized testnet.

To provide feeds, navigate to a feed page, and click 'Become an oracle'. Instead of running nodes like oracle providers on other chains, you simply need provide a REST API endpoint, and Goracle nodes will do the rest. You will find information on how your feed should respond to queries. Eventually, there will be a deposit required, and rewards will be paid out the the submitter's address.

API Endpoint

The API Endpoint should be a JSON object with the following parameters.

[ {name: priceName, price: price} ]

Your deposit will be returned if the endpoint you provide is unreachable 5 times.

The Endpoint must be a URL format.

Rewards are, instant and are sent to the  wallets that deposited the stake daily. Feed Providers stakes are not locked in and can be withdrawn at any time. Once a Feed Provider leaves, their deposit is returned to their wallet within 1-2 hours.

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