Run your own Node on Goracle

Goracle nodes are software scripts that run the Goracle code. This code adds the nodes to clusters, participates in aggregation, proposal, and certification process. Nodes also participate in validation checks to ensure valid messages are transmitted through the network.

Note: This page is under construction. Detailed instructions will be available before incentivized testnet.

Running a Node

To become a node runner, simple navigation to the Goracle App, subscribe by paying the deposit, and download the executable application.

To Run the application, you will need to create a file in the same directory with your mnemonic. Once that's complete, simply run the application in your background, and your node will take care of the rest.

The node runner software can be run on nearly any machine or server with minimal requirements. The aim is that Node Runners can use these devices that are already running and powering other applications, and just have our software run in the background as an extra, lower power process